S.T.O.P. the Risk of Skin Cancer in Children

To participate in the STOP program a school must: 

  • Contact the Urban Forestry representative in their area and ask to participate in the program.
  • Lack shade on the playground.
  • Participate in a STOP workshop.
  • During the week leading up to the tree planting event, use AFC curriculum materials to emphasize the importance of trees.
  • Hold a tree planting ceremony.
  • Be willing to maintain the trees.

The AFC will select up to 10 schools to participate in STOP each year

The schools selected will:

  • Receive five large hardwood trees. The species of tree each school receives will depend on the location of the school
  • Receive instruction on how to plant and maintain the trees. AFC personnel will help schools prepare for tree planting, and will be present to supervise the planting.
  • Be able to have AFC personnel talk about the importance of trees to people and to the environment. These programs include hands on projects about trees.
  • Receive recognition in the local media.

The AFC encourages schools to have a school-wide ceremony when the trees are planted.