Rural Fire Protection Program

Since 1979 when the Rural Fire Protection Program of the Arkansas Forestry Commission was established, the number of departments has increased from 300 to over 1000. The Arkansas Forestry Commission has more than 1,800 Federal Excess vehicles on loan to fire departments across the State. Last year, over 9 million dollars worth of Federal Excess Property was made available to Arkansas fire departments through the Rural Fire program. The AFC also loaned more than $600,000, interest free, for the purchase of fire equipment through the revolving loan program.

By using grants and equipment from the AFC and other sources, most communities have reduced their insurance at least one rating. This means a 22-30 percent savings on their homeowner's insurance. Many counties have brought their entire county under fire protection and have reduced insurance ratings further. The AFC owes a great debt of gratitude to Fire Departments and Volunteer Firemen who freely give of their time, talents, and money to help protect the lives and property of their fellow citizens.

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Rural Fire Program Loans

The Arkansas Forestry Commission interest-free loan procedures are:

  1. Those who have an existing loan with the AFC will not be able to apply for another loan until one year after their old loan is paid off.
  2. Only one loan will be allowed at a time. The 25 percent down payment is still required.
  3. Payments on loans made after July 1, 2004, will be made quarterly instead of biannually.
  4. Terms for pay offs will be as follows: 
    • Loans from $0 - 4,999......1 year
    • Loans from $5,000 - 9,999 ...... 2 years
    • Loans from $10,000 - 15,000 ......3 years
  5. Only one truck will be financed at a time.

    For addtional information, contact John Blackburn at (501) 679-3183.

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