Petroleum Laboratory

The Petroleum Division administers the fuel quality law through inspection, analysis and enforcement to help ensure consumers are purchasing quality motor fuels. Fuel samples are collected by area chemists.

The petroleum laboratory analyzes gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuels, Aviation Gas, Aviation Fuel and alternative fuels including biodiesel and E85 fuel ethanol to make certain they meet state quality and safety standards. Area chemists also inspect filling stations and fuel terminals to ensure proper labeling and blending, and ensure fuels are not exposed to conditions that would compromise their quality. The Petroleum Division is also responsible for administering and enforcing NIST HANDBOOK 130 UNIFORM ENGINE FUELS AND AUTOMOTIVE LUBRICANTS REGULATION, ALONG WITH ARKANSAS ANNOTATED CODE.

Petroleum Division Personnel:

Wilford Jones – Chemist Supervisor

Teresa Dillard – Chemist

Fred Harris – Chemist

Daniel Greene – Chemist

Ronald Phillips – Chemist