Licensing Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions - Catfish Processors

Q: Who is required to have an Arkansas Catfish Registration.
  All "persons" as defined by law engaged in the handling, storing, preparing, manufacturing, packaging, or holding of catfish products shall register with the State Plant Board.

Q: Who do I contact to answer my questions about a catfish registration in Arkansas?
  Call the Arkansas State Plant Board at: 501-225-1598, and ask for the Grain Warehouse and Catfish Processor Section

Q: How many times per year will I be audited by the State Plant Board?
  The Regulations on Catfish Processors in Arkansas requires each Registered Catfish Processor to be audited at least once every year, but we usually audit each facility 2 or 3 times each year.

Q: How much will my Registration fee be?
  Any processor whose average annual purchases from catfish producers exceeds one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) shall be charged $150.00 annually.

Q: What other costs may we incur in the registration process?

  • A:  Fees for a Surety (Bond, CD or Letter of Credit) and a Financial Statement must be prepared by a CPA or RPA. 
  • Printing cost of pre-numbered weigh tickets 

Q: How is my surety (Bond, Letter of Credit, or CD) calculated.
A:  The minimum security shall be set at $20,000 for up to 100,000 pounds of catfish. After 100,000 pounds. All securities shall be set at a rate of .20 per pound of catfish purchased per month by the processor.

Q: What Scale regulations are required?
  All scales used for the weighing of catfish by a processor shall be calibrated, tested and officially approved annually by the Arkansas Bureau of Standards. If the scale is not approved, the processor shall not engage in the business of buying catfish from producers.